PG WeldingPG Welding my partner on the design and production of support frames panels and paint finish, based in Saint Bonnet de Mure.

SolbianItalian solar panel manufacturer based in Avigliana, Italy.

Auto agent

Instrumentation and regulation of fluids

AzubCompany manufacturing trikes and recumbent bicycles, based in Czech Republic.

Click-StandThe Click-Stand crutch made in the USA by Tom Nostrant allows to support a bike of strong load in balance.

The Crèpes barnRestaurant La Grange with Pancakes Saint Bonnet de Mure when a small sweet / sweet sweetness is felt

Association Local Talents
Promotion of local crafts in the comunities of Saint Bonnet de Mure and around

CasinoSupermarket Casino of Saint Bonnet de Mure, for its purchases close to home.

Vinyl on the trailer of J'me Recycle sponsors

The picture above shows the companies whose logo appears before and the list of donors:
Catherine BIESSY, Florence ARTOLLE, Annick and Benoit PFISTER, Assoc. Heart of Murois City, Jocelyne BRISSAUD, Rosane & Antoine CILETTI, Jeannique & Thierry MARTINEZ, Marie & Laurent GILLOT, Béatrice MANGON, Frederic BROUSSE, Patricia RIBES CASELLA, Jérome LAFFITTE, Ophélie BRISSAUD, Christelle & Stéphane CILETTI BEYSSAC, Dominic CESARI, Martine MAS , Michèle FILLETON, Clément ROUSSILLON, Jérôme LAURENT, Jean-François FICHET, Gérard THUILLIER, Thomas LEPOUTRE, Fabienne & David PLEYNET, Agnès BACCONNIER, Alexandre DRISS, Marc CHALVIGNAC, Loic ROBITAIL, Thibaut DESPOULAIN, Laurent KNOLL, Queen & Bernard PAVO, Florance LOUAT, Martine BARON, Denis GOUNELLE, Jean-Marc CLAIR, WENDY, Aline MOSTACHETTI, Denis BELMONT, Eric MANGEAT, Patricia REQUIRE

Sponsors The Sun Trip