Your donations - to the Grégory Lemarchal Association

I sponsor theGrégory Lemarchal Association who does a very important job fighting the cystic fibrosis. J’ai décidé de participer à la collecte de fonds pour financer leurs actions dans le cadre de mon « petit » trip de Lyon à Guangzhou (Chine) que j’entreprends dans le cadre du Sun Trip 2018.

LucasMy little cousin, whom you can see on the picture, gives me the motivation to ask you to offer a few euros to the association. Even the smallest donations are useful.

Life is short, but I wish it was long enough for Lucas to live his little trip, whatever it is, before he prematurely follows an end that awaits us all. We all know the saying that Time is money. I wish I could say that money is time to win.

Help me write this new adage by paying your donations via this collection page.


  • The sum is deductible from taxes since the association is recognized as being of public utility and therefore monitored in this context.
  • To reach Guangzhou from Lyon it takes about 12.000 km, I set 10 cents per km, which gives us a goal of 1.200 € collection.
  • Donations are automatically donated by the platform Alvarum, partner of theGrégory Lemarchal Association. Money does not pass through me and I have no involvement in the story. On the other hand your donations encourage me to continue my adventure.

Thank you for your support for this cause!