On the basis of my home-work commuting trips that take me about 7 000 km a year, (Vélotaf as some say in cycling jargon) I started longer training time and distance to prepare for the adventure of June 2018.

I will update this page regularly to list the routes completed.

Workouts with Silky one loaded trailer for the bivouac

Weekend of 5-6 May 2018

Getting out of my comfort zone smoothly was the goal of this weekend.

I said smoothly, so departure to 15h direction camping 3 lakes.

Initially I wanted to go to the Swan Island campsite (always in the spirit of imbibing Sun Trip), but access was forbidden 19 hours because of equestrian show.

I drove 80 km leisurely, crossed Yenne, to finally arrive at Saint Jean de Chevelu with the sun. I was able to choose a location in a sunny area.

It took me 18 mn to mount the tent of the evening without wind or rain ... and 2 hours the next day to tidy up, lunch, blablater and photos for the curious admirers. I'll have to optimize the time for explanations or reduce my estimated daily distance!

In short, a departure to the 9h30.

I'm heading to the Swan Island camp, which should host all the Suntripers soon.

To go there, I crossed the mountain through the Chat Tunnel, which for a few months has had a second crossing for pedestrians and cyclists. This tunnel has a flat ceiling, it feels like passing through a square tube, cold, wet and smelling of cement. But we avoid the climb of the Pass du Chat.

On the way back I used the Mobile App Osmand instead of Garmin. For lack of experience I took the destination of Relais du Mont du Chat and when I saw the sign announcing 12 km slope at 7% I understood that it was not the pass of the Cat that had been said to me easy to climb.

It was an opportunity to test myself on a bigger collar than the Granier pass.

So yes I landed several times, I was afraid of emptiness, I had difficulties with the engine that left me in plant when it was too hot. When the cars went up or down I got closer a little too close to the edge without barriers and as I advanced like a snail I had gaps on the road that reassured no one.

I even removed the hooks under the shoes to be sure not to block the foot on the pedal, because there was the fall assured. The reboots on a steep slope were quite delicate with the hooks that had to be avoided to hang. An impression of first bike course, try several times a failed start.

I still managed to climb and took advantage of the break at the Relais du Mont du Chat.

There were people at the relay: cyclists, bikers, walkers, motorists. And people eager to understand Silky one. I spent time arguing (again), I appreciated the bravos for the climb and the time was going on and I had to go back to my comfort zone and eat with my family.

But time is not elastic on demand. The descent well recharged battery even see I could have charged another! The brake pads have lost more thickness (will have to think that I take several spare).

And I wanted to continue testing the Omand App. Nice to be guided by the Bluetooth headsets and the bright screen of Samsung S8 ... that I could buy with your donations from the Leetchi kitty (thank you very much to my donors because the mobile Huawei P9 job often lost the GPS). I also take this opportunity to describe this output by writing with the S8, just to test the writing without a computer or tablet and for now it works well. A little slow but it works.

In short, my conclusion with Osmand is that the paths he proposed to me were worse than Google maps bike mode. Deviations that make km more and at a time a cul de sac and passage through a stony path that I wanted to test history to see the limits ... And it was a limit! I had to dismount, the bike fell ... In short I made a U-turn to return to a departmental tarmac (the blessing) and the small climb quite steep and I who lacked juice and saw the time pass .

I did not want to go back to 22h again, I know that I can do it if needed and the rise of the relay had tired me. In Suntrip I would have taken the time to eat, to rest and probably to bivouac a little further to ride until the time allowed. I played my option B and asked the family to join me on the road.

Christel, my wife, and Sylvain, my son came to join me at Dolomieu, at 50 km from the house. As I roll like a donkey, I was transported like a donkey. I stayed inside the van, comfortably seated on a straw boot, just to watch Silky One. The frame of the bike typed a bit and you have to hold the trailer at restarts of the car but you can carry Silky one in a two-seater van.

Many tests during this trip, but few kilometers traveled.

Sunday April 15 2018

I had to test a collar. So why not a small pass 2 category to cross the Chartreuse. And then the opportunity to exceed 200 km.
I thought of Corinne and Franck who lives la Flachère. I take this opportunity to thank them for their warm welcome. The coffee was not too much to face the way home, which was easier than going. But darker at the end of the journey since I arrived for the soup at ... 22 h.

I must say that I left later than expected: 7h45 instead of 7h! (There is progress in the departure time). So a good big day to finally have traveled 250 km.

I saw the temperature rise of the engine at 90 ° in the climb of the Granier pass and discovered in Chapareillan a beautiful landscape with a spring temperature that made me feel good.

Relive the route St Bo - La Flachère on Google earth: relive link

Saw snowy mountains from Chapareillan (sorry for the quality that does not pay homage to the feeling I had): youtube link

Relive the route La Flachère - L'isle d'Abeau (I do not go to St Bo, the Garmin left me at nightfall!): relive link

Sunday April 8 2017

Small exit this Sunday in the Bauges story to immerse myself in the spirit of the Sun Trip. I wanted to make a visit to Lake Bourget but with a departure at 11h instead of 7 planned. (I'll have to optimize the morning departure operation), I forked on Avressieux to see knowledge that we have very well welcomed Silky one and me.
120 km with semi covered weather. I saw an 266 w, the current max found. But on the return I still nibbled my watt hour capital.
Thanks again to the Barthélémy for their welcome.

Friday March 9 2018

I take the road to go to the weekend of preparation for the Sun Trip 2018 in Collonge le Madeleine. With the staff and 35 other Suntripeurs we will live the weekend to prepare the future adventure.

On the way I traveled 184 km in 9h13m, average 20 km / h, 1303 uphill and 1064 downhill.
Overcast with wind gust.

Small battery charge. A soldering problem resulted in the Genasun disconnection (MPPT), the fuse of 10A to change.

The return took place in harsher conditions, strong enough wind, rain and even hail in Bresse (oue the panels all beautiful! Incidence?). And to top it off, the last 60 km without any electrical assistance. I cursed my welds and enjoyed the tiny platter (see the article on this subject). Moral 12 hours to get home ... while on the way I had 9h13!

The recording was made from a Garmin edge 1000.

Sunday 31 December 2017

First outing with Silky One loaded to the block of his batteries for the last day of the year 2017. The round trip, Saint-Bonnet de Mure - Innimond, history of making the same trip previously made without battery with the ATV + trailer.

counter cycle analyst

I put about the same time and traveled the same km as with the MTB + trailer without engine but with less fatigue which suggests the ability to travel a greater distance (to be checked on a future drive).

I took advantage of a detour proposed by Google Maps by the woods to test the paths with holes and water area where I met only hunters who came in 4 × 4. The shock absorbers are very effective and the position of the Azub 6 very convenient to see the way and set foot if needed.

I have reached the limit set in the settings of the Cycle Analyst namely around 39 V stop the use of the battery. I used 873 Wh for this ride for an average of 6,2 Wh / km. On the other hand, I was out of battery 20 km before the arrival, just when a wind strong enough to deport me got up. I was happy to have the small plateau in relief on the rise (small climb yet late in the day) Colombiers-Saugnieu.

cycle analyst - wh / km

Workouts with the ATV + trailer loaded (without power assistance)

Dates: course Dist km Duration D + m View Notes
October 22 2017 AR Saint Bonnet de Mure - Innimond 115 6h10 Think about changing t-shirts before going down
October 8 2017 AR Saint Bonnet de Mure - The Saint-André coast 117 6h26 relive
August 27 2017 Feurs - Saint Bonnet de Mure 82 4h39 1103 relive Hot day but back much easier than the 26
August 26 2017 Saint Bonnet de Mure - Feurs 82 5h20 846 Very very hot day. The Monts du Lyonnais, there's mountains in!
August 15 2017 Saint Hilaire du Touvet - Saint Bonnet de Mure 131 6h25 625 Back much easier than the go. Google maps is not necessarily very reliable for cyclists ...!
August 14 2017 Saint Bonnet of Mure - Saint Hilaire du Touvet 127 7h25 1464 Hot day. The last climb to 9% was ruthless, too much cramping and too bad ..
August 9 2017 Italy. Departure Rubiana, direct climb to the glue del Lys 9 1h20 693 Mounted without stopping and without much suffering. Gray and fresh on arrival
August 8 2017 Italy. Start Rubiana and climb the glue del Celle then descent into the valley and go up to the glue del Lys 43 4h20 1300 A few stops along the climb. Hard on the last km

Note: the steps taken in Strava are made from my Android Huawei P9 lite mobile.