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J'me Recycle is composed of a small team that accompanies the Lyon - China solar bike adventure.

From left to right you can see Loïc, Lucie, Christel, Laurent, Aurélie, Clement, Sylvain respectively member, secretary, vice president, president, member, treasurer, member.

Loïc enjoys his new electric bike to get to work, he parked his car in the garage and finds it saves time. The electric bike is for the rise of Lyon back home.

Aurélie enjoys cycling on sunny days and is often accompanied by Christel to take care of the horses that are 2 km from the house.

Sylvain is waiting for an opportunity to get back to the bike he used to practice regularly at the college. He loves to manipulate the drone we have borrowed and hopes for a future drone purchase for the association.

The entire team is supportive of the project and supports despite the fears that everyone will wear the time of the adventure.

And I was going to forget Moka the indefatigable. Do not be fooled by the lingering tongue, I almost took him to China with me.